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Enjoy the "Science Cooperation Edition".

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Dr Ney elaborates how India and Germany
hold the key to a brighter future.

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German scientists have won 80 Nobel Prizes
for their achievements in natural sciences?

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Check out these cool German inventions that
made our lives so much better!

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India and Germany have a strong tradition of
cooperation in science and technology.

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What’s Up, Ambassador?

“India and Germany have a rich history of knowledge sharing… Today, Germany is India's second most important research partner,” says Dr Martin Ney.

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Did You Know?

For Indian scientists working abroad, Germany is among the top three destinations in the world.

Science and Technology In India

What's Up, Germany? presents the science and technology scene in India!

Science: Made in Germany

Learn about Germany’s pathbreaking contributions to the fields of science and technology.

Germany: Home of Cutting-Edge Science

Find out what makes Germany a leader in cutting-edge research and innovation.

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Indo-German Science Cooperation

When Germany, the land of ideas, partners with India, the land of opportunities, the sky's the limit!

Partners in Progress

What's Up, Germany? highlights some Indo-German mega science projects with huge potential!

German Flavour in Indian Science

India and Germany are not only partners on earth, but also in space!


Make use of this hands-on guide to scholarships available in Germany!


Interested in studying in Germany? Here's a step-by-step way to go about it. 


Here's What's Up, Germany?'s interview of two prominent figures who helped script the Indo-German science cooperation success story.

Imaginary Scientists on Our Radar

Check out these famous scientists from movies, television, fiction who made the impossible possible!

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Science Success Stories

Discouraged about your career or education? Don't be! These famous inventors failed and failed and failed until they succeeded!

Survival Kit

Enjoy these fascinating facts that are sure to surprise you!

Science Quiz

Check if you're a whiz! Take What's Up Germany?'s science quiz!

Science Whizzes

Meet What's Up Germany?'s brainy bunch: Indian scientists in Germany and German scientists in India!


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